Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st project at Olson's Speed Shop done!

This week we finished up the Honda Pilot that had taken up residence in Olson's Speed Shop. We spent a couple of hours this week getting the engine all ready to put in. That entailed putting the valve covers on and mating the new transmission to the engine, then putting the whole assembly onto the subframe. We planned on getting it put in on Friday and Saturday. I had to get a couple of my teeth fixed at the dentist Friday so we got a late start on  it. Here it is ready to go into the car. We decided to put the whole assembly on the hoist legs and then jack up the car some more so we could wheel it under it with it on the lift. We then hooked up the hoist and lifted it into place.

 Here's another shot of it. We couldn't get the car high enough so we ended up pushing it in through the side but it still worked out good using the hoists legs as a dolly. It went real easy and actually fit a lot better then I thought it was going to.
This is before we jacked it up some more. It looks pretty bare with the whole front end missing out of it.
We have slid in the engine and are now hooking up the hoist to pull it up and in the car. It's at this point that the task looks very daunting. I have always found that during the installation process when your hooking everything back up again, things go so slick and seem to fit right where they belong. It works out great and usually takes less time then you think they will.
 Here is the assembly going up and into the car. I have done a few engine changes by myself without much problem but this is one where 2 people are much better then 1. The whole assembly with the engine, trans, and subframe is definitely VERY HEAVY. I was surprised by how easy all the subframe bolts went in. Everything just seemed to line up perfectly.
 The bolts are in and the hoist is now being removed. Just have to put all the bottom stuff on, remove the car off the jack stands and then install all the upper stuff. I got busy here and forgot to take any photos.
 We got it to this point and decided it was time to see if it would run and drive. We installed a used transmission so there is always a little bit of apprehension when your just not sure if it's going to work. It was Friday at about 9 PM when we fired it up and took it for a test drive. Everything worked perfectly. We decided to put the hood on and finish everything up Saturday morning because it was getting late.
 Saturday morning we buttoned everything up and cleaned the garage. I was planning on all day Saturday so it was nice to be done early. Dixie is very happy to be back in the garage. I always seem to kick her out on the coldest week of the year. Maybe the ice that is covering the van will melt off now that its in the garage.
 I was finished with enough time to help the boys with their science projects for school and then we headed up to Logan for some colder weather and so the kids could do some sledding. It was -4 degrees up there but the kids had a good time. This is just a little hill in front of my parents house. They have a park right by them with some huge sledding hills that they went to a little bit later.

All in all it was a great weekend. The carb kit I am waiting for is suppose to be here tomorrow so I can finish up the snow blower I started last year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes in. Then I can finish another project and get it out of the garage. The owner will be happy about that. Maybe we will get more snow this year so he can try it out.

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