Saturday, April 28, 2012

Work lined up out the door for the garage.

The garage is finally coming around to being functional again. It is none too soon because I have 3 of my own cars lined up for work to be done on them. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing and it's amazing how much space I gained. I hung some cabinets up on the wall and I think it looks pretty good. It's amazing how much brighter the garage is and it's even more comfortable to work in.  Dixie has been sweeping non stop and that has been helping a ton. I bought some new lights for the shop area today and they will replace the older light I have hanging here.
Ellie still hangs out with me now and then. She never passes up a chance to play in the garage. I guess it's like father like daughter.
 Dixie's car came first today for some regular maintenance. Her van needed a oil change. That went quick and it then was moved back out of the garage. Both the bugs are down for the count. Ed blew a wheel cylinder on the left rear brake and Tugger needs a clutch cable or something else that's more in depth. I haven't had time to work on anything so I have been driving the truck.
 I was able to start on Ed this evening. I am changing out both wheel cylinders and putting new brake shoes and flex hoses for the rear. I did all that on the front brakes when I had the beam out. It was time for the backs to be done. I am just glad they held up for my trip to St. George last month.
Ellie was taking off with a bag of chips. She was in heaven being outside and having chips to eat. Those are 2 of her favorite things.
 Here's the garage with a view from the door. It's almost done. I have plans to hang some shelves that will go around the garage door and paint some more trim. I also have to hang my ladders and paint some flames on the one wall. If you are artistic, live by me and can tape out some flames for me on the wall, let me know. I need all the help I can get because I don't have an artistic bone in my body.
 This is the good side but I am changing out all the brakes so I don't ruin a new set of shoes if this wheel cylinder blows like the other one.

I guess my next few posts will be about the brake rebuild and how to troubleshoot a clutch issue on an aircooled VW. Should be some interesting reading.


RRWhicker said...

If there is a line starting, how do I get in it? My truck needs all the fittings lubed....I can pay (not much though).

The Bug Boys said...

You know your welcome to bring over your truck anytime. Just for curiosity though, how are you at taping flames on a wall?