Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's old is new again!

Well, Ed's odometer flipped over this Monday on my way to work. I wonder how many times this has happened in Ed's life. I think it's at least the 2nd time but who knows. It has been awhile since the zeros have seen the daylight. I thought it was a cool picture so here are the 2 shots. I should of let it go a little longer so the 99999 was more centered but oh well.

Here it is. Now it's just like I'm driving a brand new car! I was hoping to have him painted for this occasion but that hasn't happened yet.
Here's an update on the garage. I am done mudding and painting it and am in the process of getting things put back together like the lights and switch plates etc...  In this picture I am just ready to spray the ceiling for the texture. I covered the walls and everything else with plastic to keep things somewhat clean.
 I installed a plastic wall that went across the shop area before I started any of the mudding to keep the dust from getting in there and in the house. It seemed to work fairly well.
Paint day was Saturday. Steven helped me a little. Here he is painting the attic access panel. He was super excited to help and even had an apron saved for the occasion.
So I ended up working 12 hour days Friday and Saturday on the garage but I think it has turned out pretty good. I am taking my time hanging the lights up and then I have to tackle cleaning out and organizing the shop area. Here is the final paint job.
It looks good in the pictures but is far from perfect. I really don't think I would do this again. It took a ton of time and still looks like an amateur did the work. I could work a couple of days of overtime and have a professional do it in a 1/4 of the time and it would look a lot better but oh well. It is done and I am still pretty happy with it.
I am still working on restoring my old vise at work. I have it all taped off with high temp tape and I am just waiting to get enough motivation to powdercoat it and then I can begin to start polishing the parts that need it. It should fit in nicely with the garage. No new ghost sightings this week. Maybe it got bored and left. Dixie claims it's a friendly ghost and keeps me from hurting myself in the garage. She's probably right.

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