Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's ALIVE !!!

Well, finally the vette is back on the ground and running. I took off Wednesday and worked on it. It is all back together and running good. There is only 2 problems that need to be addressed. 1. The alternator belt is squealing like crazy and it is maxed out on it's adjustment and 2. The fuel line between the hard line from the tank to the fuel pump requires a special formed one that I can only find online. I temporarily fixed it but I need to replace it when I get one. After that I need to get the hood back on and it's officially finished. Here are some pictures.
 Here it is in all it's glory!
 Fuel lines hooked up, Radiator lines hooked up and getting ready to start it for the first time.
 Finally off the ramps and back on the ground.
 Adding oil and antifreeze and then it's time to fire it up. It started on the 3rd try. It would of started on the first try if I had someone to crank for me. I had to crank and then get out and adjust the distributor to get it in the sweet spot to fire. 3rd time was the charm.
 Took it for it's maiden cruise and it drove great. Has lots of power and no leaks.
 I installed the spark plug shrouds and the air cleaner and when I went to take it for a spin again it started running poorly. Hmm, It ended up being the fuel line I was talking about earlier. I fixed it for now but it will need to be fixed permanently when I get the new hose.
 Here is everything installed except the hood.
 Dixie even took it for a test spin. If you have a vette in your garage you have to at least drive it once.
I think she is smiling so much because she finally gets her space in the garage back. I think I am going to put a smaller belt on the alternator and then get the right fuel line on then button up the hood and give it back to it's owner. He still has plenty of time to cruise this summer with the T-Tops off  soaking up the sun!

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