Saturday, June 4, 2011

Almost there!

I ended up working on Friday so I didn't think I would get the motor in the vette this weekend, but I was able to spend all day working on it. It was a long day but the motor is in and almost everything is hooked up. I finally got the spark plug wires run and they look like they will work out great. Here is the pic update.

 I started out the day figuring out how to run the wires. The Internet is great for doing research and this diagram helped a ton.
 Here I put all the wires in order of length on the cap and started running them from there.
 The chrome tin pieces are what Chevy did with the wires on the Corvettes of this era. They look good but they are a real pain to change a wire if you need to.
 Here is how I ran the wires. I decided to run them underneath because of the ram horns exhaust manifolds. It looks cleaner and actually keep the wires routed better so they don't get burned by the heat from the exhaust.
 Here is the other side.
 I then removed the accessories from the engine and then installed the radiator and shroud.
 My buddy came over to help me install the engine. He showed up just as I was lifting the engine up to install it in the car. There was no way I could of done it without him. It didn't go in as easy as it came out.
 The bell housing bolts are a tight fit but we were able to get them in and tight.
   Here it is just after we removed the hoist. Now to install all the other crap.

 Here is how I left it for the night. It is in with most of the stuff on it. The only things left to install are the radiator hoses, Starter, Fan and the rest of the bell housing, some fuel lines, and the dust cover for the torque converter. I should have a new project in the garage by next weekend.  Here is a before and after shot of the engines.
 After. Oh and I have to install the hood and make sure it actually runs!

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