Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got rid of the Vette and became white trash!

The vette drove away from our driveway last Monday and now almost everything we own was put up on jackstands. The bug is up on 4 jack stands and the camp trailer was put up on jackstands so the wheel bearings could be repacked and new seals installed. I am officially out of jackstands so the only other option is cement blocks. That will fit right in to the decor of my driveway.

The owner came and got the Vette. He has driven it a couple times to work and there is only a couple of bugs to work out of it. It has a hesitation at about 3500 RPM under a load. He is going to change the fuel filter and see if it goes away.

The trailer was finished this week and luckily I repacked the wheel bearings because 1 seal was leaking pretty good. I had grease everywhere but not bad enough to be on the brake shoes themselves. I was able to clean it off and put a new seal so it should be good to go for the season.

Saturday I was hoping to get the wheels for the bug completely painted and ready for the tires to be installed. I decided to go with a 2 tone paint job and see how it holds up. I had put them in primer first and then painted them black.

They looked pretty good here and I debated on leaving them all black and running some stainless steel beauty rings but then decided to paint some high gloss white on the outer rim. This was how it came from the factory originally. I needed some help masking off the 5 wheels so I looked around. Dixie and Steven were up at Scout camp and Isaac ditched me for his friends. That left only 1 person. Ellie!
 She was very enthusiastic about helping. I think she just prefers to be outside or in the garage. Well pretty much anywhere other then inside the house.
 Here She is helping me mask off the wheel. She worked really hard.
 Here she is after we masked all 5 wheels and were ready to spray them. She was wore out and decided to take a quick power nap.
Here are the wheels masked with the last color painted on them.
 Here is the finished product. I think they look pretty good.
 Here is what it will look like with the stock hubcaps on.
I finished fairly late Saturday night and so it will have all day Sunday and maybe Monday so the paint will fully cure. I then will take them to work and put on the tires and take them somewhere to get balanced. Hopefully Ed will get back on the ground this week if everything works out. We will see.

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