Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tired of cleaning so I thought I would do some cleaning.

I am really tired of cleaning parts on the vette but I am making some progress. Here is some of the parts that are cleaned and ready for paint and some that are painted.
I am really hoping to have the motor ready to be installed by the end of this weekend. If I can keep my motivation up and stick to it I should be able to do it. I am having some serious Spring Fever and the weather is finally getting nice so I decided to get the the boys to help me and we washed the bug. Well, actually I really tried to have them help me but when it comes to washing cars I am a total control freak and want it done my way. Anyways here are some pictures of the boys helping me.

 When we were about done the girls came out to see how we did.
 They were both really impressed. (Trust me, they were.)
 Here is the final product. It looks much better. It had some winter grime on it that I really wanted to get off. I was having some serious bug withdrawal's. I haven't driven it much lately because I am constantly transporting parts for the vette from home to work and back. I think I am done doing that so I should be free to drive the bug from now on. Just in time for the great weather. Actually it's going to get hot quick so It's about time to install the deck lid extenders so my motor stays cool.
Anyways if you see me out in the garage this weekend goofing off, tell me to get back to work so I can get this vette out of my garage.

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