Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can hear the roar of the engine and smell the exhaust.

Well, in my head anyways. I am really close to putting the engine back in the vette. I got a lot done on Saturday. I just need to install the R/H exhaust manifold and a few more brackets and it will be ready to go back in. Here is the picture update of the engine.
 Here I installed the EGR valve, Valve Covers, and some brackets.
 I installed the lower pulleys, and started running all the vacuum lines.
 I went with Bosch Platinum plugs. I have run them in the past on some small blocks I had and they worked pretty good. They are not my first choice now, but being on a budget they are the best bang for the buck. I finally found the correct motor mounts and installed them here.
 Now we are getting somewhere. I have most of the front brackets installed, The L/H exhaust manifold, the carburetor, distributor cap, the water pump and the upper pulleys are temporarily installed.
 I have installed the fuel pump and have started running the spark plug wires. We decided to run the wires over the top and make it much simpler to replace if needed.
 Here is the left side plug wires. I am still getting the routing done right at this point.
Here are the wires installed with separators. I think it will work out great. I was concerned about the pulleys lining up because I had to change harmonic balancers but they line up perfectly. It is so close to being ready to install. I think it has turned out great. The only things I have left to do is clean the engine compartment in the vette and install the radiator. After that I will be ready to put the engine in and hopefully it will fire on the first try. If it runs as good as it looks my job will be done. It most likely won't be next weekend because it's Memorial Day weekend and my boys birthday but I am shooting for the next one at the latest. Hopefully in 2 weeks Dixie and I will have our garage back!

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