Friday, May 13, 2011

Let the Cruise Nights begin!

Well, since we don't all fit in the bug anymore we loaded up the van and went to the monthly Arctic Circle Cruise Night. We literally had to drag Steven because he wanted to stay home and play with his  friends. He usually does that but ends up having fun when he gets there. I had everyone pick out their favorite cars and here is what they came up with.
 This little purple Chevy II was Ellie's favorite. I think she liked it for the color but it is a cool car.
 Isaac liked every car there and has 117 pictures to prove it but he really liked the flames on this GTO. The flames did look awesome but I don't know about having them on a GTO.
 The Humbug Steven chose this Ford Pinto as his favorite. I think he did it out of spite. You know we are a Chevy/Volkswagen family. If your going to choose a Ford as your favorite car at least choose a Ford that's cool. C'Mon really, a Pinto? It did have a huge engine which gives it a tiny bit of cool factor.
Here is Dixie's favorite. She really likes camaro's and this 67 Camaro was perfect in every way.
 I had to choose the old school merc for my favorite. I loved the chop top and it sat perfect.
 Here is a funny car. The plates matches the car perfectly.
 You don't see very many dodge station wagons with fake wood paneling on the side anymore. It is so lame that it's cool.
The family liked the Cookie Monster panel van.
This is the car I am going to build for my retirement. I keep warning Dixie that we will have a 1932 Ford when we retire. It will have Chevy power of course!
I finished the vette in the garage and here it is. Pretty nice huh. Just kidding, my boys couldn't believe that the vette in our garage could look like this one with a little work, and a whole lotta money.

There was also a couple bugs there but for some reason they won't download onto here. Oh well, they weren't all that great looking anyway. I have to get busy in the garage if I am going to get the motor together for the vette. I will take pictures along the way.

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