Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its all downhill from here!

Well, Its finally done!, The front beam is ready to install in the bug. Here the torsion bars are being installed

Here are the new Ball Joints that are going to be installed.

Here is the fun part, All the grease is being pumped into the beam. We use only Mobil 1, because its the BEST!

And then while I was getting the beam ready for paint, Steven and Isaac shook the paint and primer

Steven and Isaac painted it. It looks good and Dixie will be happy to know that no one got paint on our good clothes. (Even though we were wearing them)

Its all downhill from here. We just need to install the beam in the car, put the tie rods, steering damper, steering linkage, spindles, brakes, brake lines, gas tank, and wheels on and we are finished! Just another night or so. In all reality the hard part is done now. The boys(including me) cant wait for it to be back on the ground.

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