Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pulling the Beam

Well, The boys and I started out pulling the front beam on the Volkswagen Saturday. Soon their friends came over and I was left all alone pulling the beam. The reason I am pulling it is to weld in adjusters so I can lower the front end. In my opinion a bug is only cool if it sits in the weeds.

When I was 14 years old I removed, installed, removed, installed, removed and installed beams in my bugs that many times. I never remembered it being too tough and wondered why my Dad would look surprised to see them in and out when he came home from work.

I figured this project would only take a few hours and would be a piece of cake. All went well until I pulled all the bolts and it came to the point of removing the beam from the car. I started lowering the jack and the beam had its own set of plans and decided to get out the fast way. It dropped to the floor with a BANG. I then proceeded to tell my boys (who returned just in time to see it fall) that that was how you removed the front end of a bug. They didn't seem too impressed and quickly went back to playing.

I have contemplated why this beam didn't seem to be as easy to pull as when I was 14. I am sure I wasn't stronger back then and I know I didn't have help. I think I just had more enthusiasm and not much bothered me. Well the fun has begun and I think I will get some help when I go to put it back in the car. For now I think I will go put ice on my shoulder and maybe take a nap!

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Noslo Family said...

Great Blog Chris! All you need is a comment. So glad you are enjoying your project - I can tell it makes you happy.