Friday, April 23, 2010

One step forward Two steps back!

Well, The powder coating didn't go as well as planned. I sand blasted the wheels and prepped them for powder coating. I coated them and baked them in the oven but they turned out looking like crap. I used some powder that I was not 100% sure of. I think it was the powder, so that created a bunch more work to get the bad powder coat off and prep them for new.

They are once again ready to coat and bake and hopefully they will turn out as good as the trailer wheels I did this winter. One thing that has changed is the wheels will now be silver. I know and trust this powder and there is plenty of it to do all 5 wheels. (5th is the spare)

On a good note, all the parts we need to get the front end put together have come and the tires are in at Les Scwabb. They are waiting for me to get the wheels done so the tires can be mounted.

Wish me luck tomorrow morning as I try a second time to get the wheels done!


Noslo Family said...

They look great Honey!

vance and aly said...

Lookin good amego!!! When you first started this I was going to give you crap about doing a blog, but I must admit that its a great idea. What a awesome way to document your project. I log on to your blog just about everyday to see your progress. And man I love seeing your boys out there with you. That is so cool.