Friday, May 16, 2014

The road trip to rival all road trips! (Day 1)

So a year or so ago I was watching a show about Route 66 on netflix and thought that it would really be cool to travel route 66 in an old car. I actually looked at 1950 through 1960's cars in Chicago. My plan was to fly to Chicago, buy a car, get it running and drive it home along route 66. I looked and realized that old cars in Chicago are very expensive for what you got. I put it on the back burner after that. I was thinking about that trip and told my Dad that we should get an old car, fix it up and drive it to Upper Peninsula Michigan. I have always wanted to see the UP because that is where my Dad is from and I have heard stories about it all my life. I thought that it would be really cool to visit it with him so I could see and hear the stories while we both had the time and means to do it. My Dad was all for it and so we started looking at old cars. We actually found a 1957 Studebaker that was in awesome shape. Well as time went by and the business of life steam rolled us, we came to the conclusion that we weren't going to get a car ready for the road trip to be made this year. We decided to go with plan B and just drive a "modern" car. It is probably the best option but it sure isn't going to be as cool as it would have been in a 1957 Studebaker. Ha Ha. 

Drive to Ishpeming, Michigan on the northern route which will include Mount Rushmore, Crazy horse and everything there is to see along that route. We are then going to spend a few days in Ishpeming checking out my Dad's old stomping grounds. From there we are going to travel home along Route 66 as far west as New Mexico and possibly Arizona. Sounds like a blast huh! We have no hotel rooms booked and we have decided to pretty much travel by the seat of our pants seeing anything and everything we want to see along the way. We will stop when we are tired and eat when we are hungry. No deadlines, no itinerary that says we have to be so far by this time and this date. Just soaking in the sights and enjoying each others company. Follow along and see where we get to. 

Today was the first day of the trip and it involved a lot of driving. Here my Dad and brother are loaded up and we are ready to hit the road. 
 We spent most of the day driving through Wyoming. Here we are at the border.
 This is what happens when you really need a bathroom break and there isn't a place to stop for a few miles. We passed this corvette like it was standing still. I won't tell you how fast we were going but if you look real close at the GPS it will tell you.
Little America was a good site to see. We stopped to get out, take care of some things and to stretch our legs.
 Here's a cool mustang that was getting pulled somewhere. It had Washington plates on it.
 Some cool tunnels along the way.
 So there isn't a whole lot in Wyoming to see. We saw lots of Trains,
lots of Wind Generators,
lots of Oil Pumps,
 and also some cows. We also saw this cool old hotel in Lusk, Wyoming. The truck kinda ruined the picture but it was still cool.
So all in all we traveled through Evanston, Green River, Rawlins, Medicine Bow, Casper, Douglas, Lusk, and then hit the South Dakota border and went through Edgemont, Pringle and ended up in Custer South Dakota for the night. This is our hotel.
Tomorrow we are going to see crazy horse, mount rushmore and then start heading East again. Where we end up is anyone's guess. As long as I have wifi in the hotels I will blog about the days adventures. Check it out and see what we see along the way.

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