Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's was a nice day for a car show.

On Saturday the weather was awesome. I had the kids for the day so we decided to go to a car show up in clearfield. It turned out to be a really good car show. Here Isaac is checking out the hemi in a super bee. 
 I fell in love with this falcon. I like falcons but I I have never had one catch my eye like this one did. It was sitting perfect and the wheels were cool. I didn't really take a very good picture of it but I admired it for quite awhile.
 Ellie found the stuffed Kermit the frog and ran over to give it a hug. Steven and Isaac drooled all over the army truck in the back ground.
 This truck was all made by hand. It was interesting.
I caught a picture of this car as it was driving up. I have seen this one before and it's one of my favorites.
 When I saw this Trans Am I had flash backs of high school. I owned one that looked just like it. Mine was white also and it had a 455 with a 4 speed just like this one. I loved that car and I had a lot of good times in it. I also won a lot of races in it. It was screaming fast and I had put nitrous on it to boot.
 Mine didn't have the bird on the hood but I had the little 455 on the shaker. That was the only indication that it was fast.
 I had to take a picture of this Opel because I almost bought one when I was in my early teens. They are cool little cars. The one I was going to buy was orange just like this one. I didn't buy it because I was worried it would have been hard to get parts for. It would be a fun car to drive around in though.
I wish I could get my old international to sit like this ford does.
 This car was great. The metal work was inspiring, you had to really study this car to see all the cool stuff that was done to it.
 The headlights were made out of some old pistons.
 I hope that with time my metal working skills will be this good.
These 2 carbs were on an old Chevy truck. I think it would be cool to fit dual carbs on the international.
 I took the next 2 pictures for Dixie. She loves camaro's and these 2 were top notch.

It was a good day for a car show. We had time later that day to get Steven on the little 80cc Yamaha we acquired and he rode it all over the yard for awhile. It was fun to see him riding it. I am having spring fever really bad right now. I am expecting the weather to turn cold again for one last time but hopefully I am wrong. This show was motivating for me to get the international up and running. Hopefully this summer that will happen.  

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