Monday, April 28, 2014

Enjoying the Drive part 10 and a little competition added to it!

Spring is really bringing out some cool cars. Here are the latest drivers that have been seen on the road. This one was in Clearfield. I talked to the driver. He was a little old man and he said he drives this car everywhere, everyday. I'm glad that there are others out there like me. I think I will be driving old stuff for the rest of my life.
This one is hard to see but it is a really cool jeep. I was getting gas when it drove by and by the time I got my camera out this is the best shot I got.
 I came out of Auto Zone and spotted this one in the parking lot. I usually don't like really tall wheels like these but for some reason I digged these. They fit the car nicely. I saw this car later in the day driving down the road and it looked good cruising also.
The family and I were driving in Sandy when we came across this truck. It's nice but it would be so much cooler if it was lower in the back. I like it though because it's different. In my book, different is good.
 If you look hard in the mirror, you will see an SS Chevelle. This car pulled up in back of me today as I was driving home from the library. It was mint!
 Driving home from work I managed to catch up to and pass this corvette on SR-201. The guy was enjoying the sunshine with his window down and the T-tops removed. It's not my favorite year for a corvette but I would drive it if I was given the chance.
Those are the cars I found and was able to get pictures of since my last post about enjoying the drive. These next pictures are from my friend Vance who is addicted to cars just as much as I am. He sends me pictures for this blog all the time as he travels around. He spotted this one in Magna Utah. I have seen this van for years just off main street in Magna and I always wish it was mine. It's in great shape.
The next three pictures were taken in California. Vance ran into all 3 in less then 10 minutes as he was out for a morning run. You really have to love California cars! I like everything about this one.
The good weather brings out the Corvette owners.
 I saved the best for last! This is by far my favorite picture of all the cars that were spotted in this post. It sits perfect, I like the white walls, and I love the colors on it.
So as I write this, I think I will add something more to the posts on "Enjoying the drive". I am going to pick my favorite one for each post from now on. So send me your pictures as you come across cool cars in your travels. See if you can win the best of the week as I post them. Some of the rules are No car show pictures (unless you catch them being driven to the car show), No pictures of cars in garages or museums. The object of the game is to find cars that are being driven so more consideration will be given if you get a photo of the car actually going down the road.  So, for the first one it looks like you win Vance. You better watch out now though because I am on the hunt for the coolest cars out there!

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