Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Enjoying the Drive part 7.

 It has been awhile since I posted any pictures on my "Enjoying the drive" posts so I figured it was time. I had a couple friends send me pictures of some bugs they had seen while driving on the road. Both of these pictures came from California where you can drive your cool cars all year long. That is really the only reason I would like to live in California. Ha Ha. Anyways here they are. This is a nice clean bug. Hard to find ones like this here in Utah.
 You gotta love a herbie bug. This one has been lowered a little bit and looks great.
Sadly I don't have any pictures to add to this post but I will rededicate myself to get some more pictures. Thanks Ron and Jason for sending me these pictures. I am always excited to see photos of cool old cars driving on the roads, so if you catch any send them my way!

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