Friday, December 6, 2013

On the road!

I ventured out on Tuesday in a big snowstorm thinking that it would be a good day to go to the DMV and get my bug licensed and legal. I was wrong. Not only did I have to fight all the people on the road that somehow forget how to drive in the snow, but the DMV was packed. It took me awhile to get called up to a teller that gladly accepted my money and reminded me that even though I have vintage vehicle plates I needed to get a safety inspection done on my car. I guess that they do not require it but if I ever get pulled over the cop will ask for a current safety inspection. Hmm, I guess I will get that done once I install a new windshield. Anyways, here are Lulu's new plates. They can't be too bad, they have 2 letters of Dixie's name in them. I went with vintage plates because I don't plan on driving this car all year long everyday. This way I won't have to pass emission testing every year but I am still legal to drive it.
 Today was the first day I drove Lulu to work. I just got it officially on the road last night. Dixie and I took it for a test drive and to fill it up with gas. I still am a little apprehensive about this car because I don't know it very well. I am not worried about the suspension or the engine but the transmission and the wiring is where I don't trust it completely yet. I drove it to Russ's to get it aligned this morning and then went from there to work. Russ took care of the alignment and it is perfect as usual. Russ's is one of my highly recommended shops that I go to regularly. I don''t trust many people working on my vehicles but Russ is one of them.
So far so good. It ran good and I had really good heat! I was amazed how warm I was driving it. Tugger never did get very warm when I drove him. He was so rusty that all the heat just went outside. It warmed up enough to take the edge off but that was about it. It feels good to get this bug on the road driving again. It will be fun to figure out all the little characteristics of this bug. They all seem to have some and they gain their own personalities in time. I am also looking forward to a weekend where I am not pressured in getting a certain amount of stuff done in the garage. In fact, I might not even go out there. It's suppose to snow tomorrow so I think I will enjoy it from inside the house drinking some hot chocolate.

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