Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Top 10 Car Songs +1.

I was thinking about my favorite car songs and thought that would be a good topic to post about. So here is my top 10 car songs and a bonus one at the end:

1. Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody  

2. Classified by CW McCall

3. Schlock Rod (part 1) by Jan and Dean

4. Lord Mr. Ford by Jerry Reed   

5. One piece at a time by Johnny Cash 

6. Little Deuce Coupe by The Beach Boys 

7. Wolf Creek Pass by CW McCall 

8. Maybellene by Chuck Berry 

9. Drive by Alan Jackson

10. Unknown Legend by Neil Young

Sticking to my Upper Peninsula roots, I just had to add this song. It is a car song but I can only play it at Christmas time.
The Bonus One is Rusty Chevrolet by Da Yoopers 

I have a ton more but I would have to say these are my favorite ones that come to mind tonight. Hope you enjoy them and if you have any to add send me a comment and I will check them out.

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