Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting started on Tugger!

Well, the time has finally come to start some work on the baja bug. This is the bug Isaac thinks he will drive in high school and he's named it Tugger. Isaac has been pressing me all summer to work on it but the time never was there. Finally most of my other projects are done and I have some free time so we decided to start working on it. Here the family is ready to go to work. Dixie had a salad social to attend so she was MIA. I am sure she would of liked getting her hands dirty working on a bug but maybe next time.
We are going to use the carburetor off the engine that is currently in the baja, but it needs to be rebuilt. I figured that's a good place to start. We removed the carb and I will rebuild it tomorrow. I love the little oil bath air cleaner on this engine so I will clean it up and most likely use it on the new engine.
 We removed the air cleaner, unhooked the wire to the idle solenoid, unhooked the throttle cable and pinched the fuel line to keep fuel from leaking.
Ellie was the boss while Isaac and myself did the work. Steven got distracted by Lego's and we lost him in the house for most of the time. Ellie is yelling something at us but we couldn't understand her.
 Here Isaac is taking off the back nut from the base of the carb.

 Almost there. One nut left and it will be off.
The front nut is in a pretty tight spot so I got that one off.
Isaac is starting to pull the carb off the intake manifold.
 Isaac got the carb off but we still had the wire for the electric choke hooked up. That's what Ellie must of been yelling at us for. We just need to listen more closely I guess.
 Well, that's all we had time for tonight. I will take some pictures of the carb rebuild tomorrow. Hopefully this carb will be an OK match for the 009 distributor that is in the engine that will be getting put in.

Here is the engine that's going in tugger. It's a 1600 dual port that should be a good little engine. It has the alternator conversion and in this picture it has a header system, but that will be changed out for the exhaust that is already on the baja. Maybe tugger will be up and running for winter so I can drive it instead of ed. Ed acts more like a snowplow.

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