Friday, August 26, 2011

Adding more storage space!

Well, last weekend the family packed up into the bug and the van and went to kaysville for the no show. That's an all vw and antique bicycle/car show that is held every year. We can't all fit in the bug so it takes 2 cars to get there. My dad met us there also and we had a good day checking out vw's, bikes and enjoying the sunshine. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the show.

This bike is very unique with the side car and the engine.
Lots of buses and trucks showed up. I drooled all day over them.
Here's our bug at the show. It's always fun to have a car in a show. It wasn't the nicest but not the worst looking at the show. All air cooled vw's are invited so we had a good time.
This bike is super cool. The owner made it out of many different parts and some cool engineering. Made me think of a future project to build. Just need to find an old bike to start with.
 Very cool double cab with an even cooler kid posing.
 Here's Dixie and Ellie. Check out Ellie's cute VW shirt. I don't know what Isaac is doing in the back ground of this picture. He seems to sneak into most pictures when he's not the one taking them.
 This was the best part of the show. We found a roof rack in great condition that was for sale. The price was right so we bought it. It looks awesome. I have always wanted a roof rack. This one fits perfect and it was just luck that I found it. Dixie says that now I can strap Ellie's stroller on the roof rack and take all the kids to the car shows while She enjoys a day without them.

I am looking for some antique gas cans and coolers to put up on the roof rack. If you have some you want to get rid of let me know! Maybe even a surf board would work.


Ken said...

Saturday the 20th I was meeting some guys so we could go on a motorcycle ride. We met at 21st south and 300 West. Just as we were getting on the bikes we saw a bunch of classic beetles, VW vans, and trucks getting on the freeway. I'm guessing they were headed for the show! It was great seeing them, I wish we could have been closer to watch them go by.

The Bug Boys said...

Yep that was a few people that met up around that area from the utah transporter association. It's a vw club from provo area. I love your blog, makes me want to buy a motorcycle and cruise!