Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Carbon Fiber!

Well, Dixie let me spend yet another Saturday working on things for the Bug. This time I went into work and made a carbon fiber firewall for it. We had a bunch of expired carbon fiber at work that needed to be thrown out so I used some for the firewall. It turned out pretty good. It was actually an easy thing to make but if you are familiar with composite work, it is very time consuming. Here are some pics of the process.

Here it is bagged and being heated up to 350 degrees while being sucked down at the same time

Here is the machine that does it all

And here is a close up of the corner to show how it looks after it is finished

Now I just have to clean up the edges, lightly sand it and add a clear coat finish to it. I have to get this done before I put the engine in. It looks like I have some time since they haven't even shipped my parts yet. AAARRRGGGHHH. That is frustrating. What do they think it is Christmas or something?

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