Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sold the camp trailer!

Well, we sold our camp trailer. We had talked about doing it and I decided to put it on KSL to see if there was any interest. It took 2 days and it is now owned by someone else. Our family is a little sad to see it go but it is nice to not have to store it for the winter. We are going to buy a newer one in the spring. I have a few must have features for our next trailer.
1. It has to have bunks in it for the boys.
2. It has to have a queen size bed that is set up all the time.
3. It has to have fiberglass sides.
4. It has to have absolutely NO WATER DAMAGE. Been there done that!
5. It has to have an outside shower.
6. It can't be any longer than 25 feet.

Thats not too much to ask is it? The nice thing is that we have time to look. The next trailer will be a keeper so we won't settle for something that isn't exactly what we want. I guess the hunt is on! (My favorite part)

Here are some fun times we had in the trailer

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Noslo Family said...

I forgot how small our boys were when we bought the trailer. The sock ears picture is hillarious!