Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Little more work done on the Yukon.

We had some time today to work on the Yukon. Here is a comparison picture of the old engine and the new engine. Below is the valve train of the old engine.
 And here is the engine we are installing. This picture shows how clean the engine that is going into the Yukon is. It should be a good engine for many miles and years.
 We were able to get the exhaust manifold, thermostat and some of the pulleys installed. We then pulled it off the engine stand so we could replace the rear main seal. We ran into a little snag with the rear main. We pulled out the old one and compared it to the new one that we had for it. The new one we had was a Timken brand and it didn't look like the quality of the seal was very good. We opted to get a seal from the dealer instead of taking a chance of installing a bad seal. It would be really crappy to install it and have it leak. The only way to replace it is to remove the engine again.
 Here is where the rear main seal is located. The old one is removed in this crappy picture. We had to put the engine on hold because there were no Chevy dealer parts departments open on new years day.
With the engine on hold we decided to move to other things we had on the list to accomplish. One thing was the brakes. The Yukon has an ABS and a brake light on. Ian had taken the master cylinder reservoir into work and cleaned it out. He installed that and then we flushed the remaining brake fluid out of the master cylinder and other brake components. This is a really cool and easy way to accomplish that. It pressurizes the master cylinder reservoir with the hand pump and then all you need to do is open each bleeder valve and let the fluid run until it is clean. It adds fluid from the tank into the reservoir so you don't even need to worry about running it dry. It worked great.
 Here is the front side of the bleeder. We pumped it up to about 30 pounds of pressure.
The last thing we did today was pull the rear differential cover off. It was leaking pretty good so we decided to pull it and seal it up right. I didn't get any pictures of that but if you really want to see how that is done I have some older posts I have done on that subject before. So, that is where we are at as of today. Hopefully we can get the rear seal installed and the engine put back in on Saturday. Until next time, don't text and drive!

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