Monday, December 3, 2012

Let the Christmas Season Begin!

So this weekend Dixie wasn't too impressed with the way I put the Christmas lights away last year. I like to use the zipper method to remove the lights. The zipper method is to get a hold of one end and just pull them off the rain gutter. It works really well. I guess I must of just balled them up and put them in the box. I tried telling Dixie that that is a current trend with lights this year and I even showed her this picture.

If you drive by my house you can see who won the argument. Dixie spent some time unsorting everything so I could hang the lights up like EVERYONE does and I suppose I will zipper them off the roof in January and do it all again next December. I guess the Christmas season has officially started at our house. The family has to talk/beg Dixie into putting up the tree every year. Isaac says that we are the last family to put up our tree and the first to take it down. He's right about that. That's the way we roll I guess. Trees are always fun to have in your house when a 2 year old is roaming/decking (literally) the halls. Especially an active, curious, girl like Ellie.

Isaac has been hounding me to put the annual Christmas song up on the blog so here it is: My favorite song of the season,

I hope everyone has a nice relaxing Christmas Season this year, (yeah right huh!) Stay safe and warm. I have a couple new projects for the garage I am almost ready to start on so the blog might get back to some mechanical stuff here in a little while.

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