Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've Been Everywhere!

I took my annual trip to St. George this last week and had a blast. I went through Tooele and drove all the back roads to get there and took highway 89 for the trip back. The trip down was fun but the cattle guards just killed my front end. I tried slowing way down but I still hit hard. Anyways play this video and enjoy the music while looking at the pictures of the journey.
This was right at the beginning. If you look way out you can see the Great Salt Lake. It's a nice view to start out the drive.
 I decided to fill up at Flying J just before Tooele.
If you look close, you can see this is an old picture of the bug. I took these pictures on my last trip to St. George but I went through these towns. I just didn't get any pictures on the way down.
 Another picture from last year. Milford hasn't changed much since last year.
This was an old fort I checked out along the way.
This is pretty much the view most of the way on this route. It's cool to go through some of the little towns but the scenery isn't the best.
Here is the hotel I stayed at while I was in St. George. It is actually in Washington.
 I spent three days there helping out with a charity event for my work. I didn't get a lot of pictures there but it was a great week with even better weather. Here I am starting my journey home. This trip was one of the funnest I have taken with my bug. The weather was totally awesome and the drive was super fun. It's really a beautiful drive.
 I hit some pretty fast speeds trying to keep up with traffic on I-15. I cruised up to Cedar City before I kicked over to highway 89.
 Cedar City was where I got some breakfast. I then hit the road.
I had to stop at Butch Cassidy's hideout along the way. This would be an awesome picture except for the stupid espresso, ice cream sign below it.

I made it to Circleville.
 Found an awesome place I'd like to buy. The bug fits right in here.
I found this awesome little bridge over the Sevier river. I almost got stuck after I drove over it. I went to go back over it and hit the front end hard on the lip of the bridge. Luckily I was able to angle the bug just right to get it back over the bridge. 
 It was a super cool bridge.
Here's the little town of Joseph. Don't blink or you will miss it.
I couldn't get close enough to this sign in Salina City so I had to take it from inside the car.
 I somehow got routed around Gunnison but got to Manti. I love the town of Manti.
 Awesome shot of the Manti Temple. The pioneers made a beautiful temple.
Stopped at Ephraim for some lunch. Ephraim is where Snow College is located.
 Mt. Pleasant came next.
This was an awesome little shop I found along the way. Couldn't resist taking a picture here.
Cruised through Fairview. I then went through Thistle where they had really bad mudslides years ago. There are lots of houses that are abandoned, but I was surprised to see lots of new construction going on there also.
I turned on to Highway 6. This is the most dangerous road in Utah. I was testing my luck taking a 43 year old Bug on that road.
 Just my luck, If you look closely you can see I am stuck behind a student driver on Utah's most dangerous road.
 Still on Highway 6 and to help make it more dangerous they put up these really cool air generators right next to the highway. I had to take another risk and get a picture of them while I was following a student driver in a 43 year old bug on Utah's most dangerous road. I haven't been known to be the smartest person around!
 AAhhh, back to the freeways I know and love. I am in Provo in the heart of construction and soon to be traffic. I felt safer on Highway 6
Everything worked out great on this trip. I was able to get the bug ready in time and it ran without a hiccup. I don't think I have had a funner trip than this one. It was nice to be able to just get out and cruise the backroads of Utah. The only thing that would of made this trip better is if my family was with me. The only bad thing about getting home is that I have to deal with the mess in my garage now. I look forward to cruising south again next year if things work out.

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