Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready for Winter! (Almost)

I had all Saturday to work on the baja and got almost everything done to it. The front end is all back together, The bumpers are back on, The new wheels and tires are installed and Ed is back in the garage. Only 2 things left to do: Get an alignment and get it registered. Here is a view of the front end with the new shocks, tie rods, and ball joints. Ready for the wheel to be put on.
 Here is a comparison of the front tires and wheels. The one on the left is what was on the bug, the one on the right is whats going on it. I was worried about the front tires hitting the fender but after I installed them I found out there was lots of clearance.
 OK I need your help. I have to make a choice on what back tires to run. I have a mud swamper tire that is pictured here. It is a little bit bigger and helps fill out the rear fender better  OR......
 I have the BFG's that match the front. They are the same size as the front tires and don't fill out the rear fenders as good.
Here is a shot from the back with the swamper on the left and the BFG on the right. Let me know what you think looks better. I have the option of trimming up the back fenders so the tires match better. I installed the swampers for now but I still haven't made up my mind yet.

 Here is the view from the front. I have the bumper on and I love the look of the front tires. I guess I should of painted my front beam though. It looks rough in this picture.
We just got this snow last night. Ed is in the garage for the winter now. This is the only snow He should see. Tugger (The baja) will be seeing lots of the white stuff if we get it this year.

 While I was out in the garage playing, Dixie was hard at work painting the walls in the house. Did I mention what an awesome wife I have, She is soooo cool! The walls look awesome too.
After I moved the cars out I had time to get the garage cleaned out. Ellie was a big help cleaning the garage. She loves to be out with me, even if it's a little cold. She spent a long time out there. Here she's helping me pick up some bolts and nuts.
 OK Here are some before and after shots. This was the bug the day we brought it home.
Here it is now. I have installed the back bumper though.
 The other side the day we brought it home. It's still connected to the truck.
and here it is now. The white mud flaps have gotta go, I'm not loving those.
So that is the progress I made. I will get some before and after pics of the engine up next. I need to run to the DMV and get a temporary permit so I can drive it down to get aligned and the safety and emission testing done. I need to either hook up the heaters or wire them open all the time. Sorry if you hear me driving. The exhaust is a little obnoxious but the price was right for them so they are gonna stay. Take my quick poll and let me know what you think.

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