Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cruising and a car show!

Well, We finally entered Ed into his first car show. It was the Wasatch Classic and is held in Provo every year. We met up with the local Volkswagen club and then we all drove to Provo. It was a blast to cruise with a bunch of other VW's. The day was pretty long and very Hot but lots of fun. Steven and Isaac went with me and Ellie and Dixie stayed home and went to the new Harry Potter movie. Dixie really liked the movie. Here are the shots.
Here we are loaded up and ready to go.
This is in American Fork just leaving the In-N-Out Burger
There was about 30 VW's that congregated here to finish cruising to Provo.
Some of Stevens Shadow Photography.
I tried to get the photo to show the cars ahead and the other VW's that are behind me in the rear view mirror but I didn't get the mirror one to work.
The Boys at the show.
 Here is our Bug at the show. It definitely wasn't the nicest but it also wasn't the worst one there.
We ended up eating hot dogs for lunch because that was the only vendor there that had food. They did taste good though or maybe we were just really hungry!
 They had a playground at the park we were at so the boys spent some time there having fun.
 This was a cool Bug. He gave out free root beer in the morning.
 We drove behind this bug for awhile as we cruised to the show.
As you can see the boys had so much fun they crashed on the way home. It could of also been from the heat in the car or maybe the exhaust fumes? Really we had a blast and plan on going next year.  Hopefully the Bug will be painted by then.                                                                                                                               


Dewey Setlak said...

Yee, Ed is such a wonderful little coupĂ©! Kudos to you, buddy, for doing such an excellent job! Ed just looks so cool. Look at those wheels and bodywork… it’s stunning! :]

The Bug Boys said...

Thank You.