Saturday, April 23, 2011

Engines, Engines, Everywhere

Well, my garage has been officially overrun by engines. Here they are all taking up the space that my bug should be. Good thing it's not raining and snowing everyday!! Oh wait, I think it's suppose to do that all next week. Oh well, Here is the engine freshly taken out of the vette. (The one hooked to the lift on the floor) and the one on the stand is the one going in the vette, and the one on the far side of the picture on the floor is the engine I have recently picked up for Isaac.s baja bug. As soon as I get this vette done, the baja will be in the garage getting it's engine pulled and replaced with this one. I was able to take the VW engine and the engine going in the vette to work. I boroscoped them and did a quick inspection and they both look really good inside. I finally got a chance to get back to the vette this morning and I finish pulling out the engine. I had to remove more then I really wanted to to get it out and all of the bell housing bolts were gorilla torqued  by whoever put them in the last time, but it came out. Here it is on the lift coming out.

This engine and engine compartment is a greasy pig. Holy cow, I think I will need to take a big putty knife and start scraping away at the years of gunk all over the underside of this car. This comes from years and years of never fixing oil leaks. After I pulled it I found a second hole in the oil pan. Here is the first one. Yes that is daylight you can see at the end of the pan.

And here is the second one.

 Now I just need to get a 2nd engine stand and start cleaning, painting, and swapping parts. I removed the oil pan on the new engine and checked out the timing chain. It was in good shape but I think I will change it out while I am in there anyways. I pulled the valve covers on both engines and the old engine looks just as bad inside as outside.
 It's full of sludge and crap. Another note that along with keeping oil in your car, you also have to change it once in awhile or it will turn into this.
 This is the old engine.
Here is the new engine. It looks amazing compared to the other one. This engine must of had regular oil changes and was well maintained. Well, it's going to be lots of cleaning and hopefully it should be a lot funner to put it then it was coming out. It is always nice to put in a nice clean engine. Stay tuned to see what happens!

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