Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The bimonthly ride and a trip to the DMV

Well, it was time for Dixie's bimonthly ride in the bug. I was out and about again trying to win the picture contest on the Internet. The picture had to have an abandoned building and your VW in it. Dixie figured there is no better place to find an abandoned building then on Main street in Magna, So we loaded up the family in the bug and cruised over to Magna. We got some funny looks by the people across the street as I was taking pictures of the bug next to an old building. They probably thought neither was worthy of a picture. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Here they are (the buildings and the bug) in all their glory

For those who don't know the last 3 pictures are of an old building that was painted up for an episode of the TV show Touched by an Angel. At the time it was the best looking building on Main street. We won the contest and decided to have everyone look for an interesting or unique road sign with their VW next to it.

The bug is sporting some new (old) license plates. I went to the DMV today and had the plates transferred to the original 1969 plates I found at the Logan car show. They look good and seem to fit the bug better then the new ones did. Just a word to the wise. DO NOT GO TO THE DMV AT THE FIRST OF THE MONTH THE DAY AFTER A HOLIDAY WEEKEND. It was a zoo. Actually I would advise to avoid the DMV if at all possible. It seems like I am always there for some reason. I think I should get a frequent visitor pass.

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